Our dedicated and experienced team members have been a part of our practice for many years, allowing patients to count on our exceptional care at their every visit. We also have bilingual team members, both at the front desk and as an assistant, that speak Spanish and cater to the many unique needs of our patients. Dr. Greg Sefcik is dedicated to your oral health and wellbeing and greatly look forward to being your family’s dentist. So, please give us a call today and learn what makes 5 Points Dental your dependable source for caring dentistry in Denver, Colorado.

At 5 Points Dental, you can receive care from our amazing dentists and team regardless of your financial situation or concerns about treatment costs. We accept most insurance plans and Medicaid, including Colorado Health, to ensure patients with or without budget constraints get the dentistry they need. If oral healthcare has seemed out of reach for you or your family due to service prices, we invite you call us today! We are proud to offer superb dentistry in Denver, Colorado, and to those in surrounding areas, such as Stapleton, Aurora and downtown Denver, Colorado.

With our array of treatment options, every family member can receive the care they need from our dentists in Denver, Colorado. In addition, we offer our patients standard fees that are lower than other offices in this area. To learn more and to arrange your visit to 5 Points Dental, please contact us today!