Dental Health: Eating Disorders and Your Teeth

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Did you know that your dentist is usually the first to discover and diagnose an eating disorder? This is because of the damaging effects that it has on the oral cavity. Eating disorders are not only damaging to body health, but they are massively destructive to your dental health. That is why it is important that, if you or someone you know, is suffering from this destructive disorder, that you relay the critical information below. It is our intent to approach this topic delicately, but most sufferers of eating disorders have a skewed idea of their body image, so it is important that we lay out this information boldy.

Do you know what an eating disorder does to your teeth? While the health complications to the body are many, and malnutrition is reflected in the tissues of the mouth, one of the worst side-effects is what it does to your teeth.

The necessity for a person with an eating disorder to regurgitate the food that they eat has serious consequences. Frequent vomiting of the stomach’s digestive juices can remove the protective enamel from the teeth, leaving them vulnerable to bacteria and decay. What’s more, bad breath and discoloration of the teeth is a common side-effect. The acids that reside in the stomach are strong, and it does not take very long for the teeth to become damaged.

Fortunately, there are steps you can take to reduce the damage. First and foremost, get help from a doctor with a specialization in eating disorders so that you are getting the best treatment and ongoing consultation in your local area. Then, come in to see us so that we can evaluate your level of damage and give you the proper instruction on how to keep your teeth and mouth healthy while you are going through treatment.

Finally, we want to make clear to you that as your dentist, we are on your side. Feel comfortable confiding in us. We are not here to judge you, only help you maintain your dental health. You can always rely upon physician-patient confidentiality when you step into our office.

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